The Mole’s Wedding

In today’s story mole meets mole. Love blossoms. Parents try to intervene. Love wins.

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For Your Contemplation

The first question that arises for me is you know those times when someone flatters you not so much a compliment but flattery? How does it make you feel? I’m not talking about imposter syndrome. I’m talking about well and truly when somebody puts you on a pedestal and in their mind you’re bigger and more powerful than you actually are. How does that make you feel? What’s your response? What do you tend to say or do? And then flip it. Sometimes we do that to other people. We put them on a pedestal and we make them greater. Give them more weight than they actually have and how does that typically turn out for you? Maybe explore that a little bit. Being the person on the pedestal and being the person who puts someone on a pedestal.

Another thing to contemplate could be the two young moles who initially wanted to get married and then this whole other scenario happened and eventually circled back to them getting married. So maybe cast your memory back to a time when you had a dream, when you had something you desired, and then for whatever reason, all sorts of other things happened. But eventually, you achieved that desire. Has that happened in your life? Have you experienced that? Do you want to write a little bit about what that experience was like? Or maybe it hasn’t happened for you but imagine it happening. Bring to mind some dreams that you have deferred and imagine what it would be like if they came true. How would that change your current life?

And then a third and final contemplation. I’m really quite moved by how much the parents love their daughter and wanted the best for her. They respected her choice. Who in your life is precious to you? Who is most precious in your life and how do you express that and how do you support them?

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