Stealing From Wizards

This book is the first in a series of three and tells the story of young boy named Kuro. He has been raised in squalor and neglect by a rather wicked wizard who has groomed him to be a thief. Kuro is quick-footed for speedy get-aways and is well-practiced at blending into his background while being unobtrusive.

Early on in the book, his fate turns towards more hopeful happenings and he is sent to a school for magical children. His story continues with him discovering true friendship as well as crafting a chosen family.

I read an excerpt from the opening chapter in the book. Stealing From Wizards: Volume 1: Pickpocketing is written by R.A. Consell and is self-published by the author, Ryan Consell (October 29, 2019).

The other books from the Stealing From Wizards series are Volume 2: Burglary (June 28, 2021) and Volume 3: Kidnapping (November 1, 2023).



Contemplative Prompts

I invite you to witness all your thoughts without judgment. Okay? Could you allow your thoughts to arise and be expressed without censure or editing? Could you allow yourself to be as you are at this moment?

Kuro is a neglected child who has been forced into thievery to survive. He’s become quite skilled at what he does and has learned how to move through society mostly unseen by others.

At the opening of the book, the only other person in Kuro’s life is the wicked wizard who holds command over his life. Kuro’s home is dark and dangerous. The streets he roams are magical and littered with various outcasts. Despite his dire circumstances, he is buoyant and curious. Kuro is a very keen problem-solver and astute judge of character.

Thankfully, Kuro’s story takes a dramatic turn early on in the book and he is enrolled in a school for magical children where he makes friends and gathers around him a chosen family.

What or who are the supports you draw closer to during dark times? What is it within you that gives you strength? I believe creativity is an expression of internal fortitude and with that in mind, what nourishes your creativity? What are some of the ways you enjoy playing or what did you enjoy when you were a child?

If you had a magical familiar what would it look like? What are the qualities of your familiar? Does it have a name? Could you imagine an adventure the two of you might take? Can others see your familiar or is it only visible to you? Maybe you’d like to try drawing it?

What qualities do you seek in a friend? What does enriching friendship look like for you? How do you show up as a friend? Have you crafted yourself a chosen family with your closest friends? What does that kinship look like? Or what would you like it to look like? Have your friendships changed over your lifetime? If yes, how so?

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