Psalm for the Wild-Built: Monk & Robot

A monastic alters their vocation, goes into the wildness, and meets a robot. Monk and Robot return to civilization with one question to ask of people. What do you need?

Source: A Psalm for the Wild-Built written by Becky Chambers; published by Tor, 2021. 

It is the first book in the Monk & Robot duology, followed by A Prayer for the Crown-Shy, which was released on July 12, 2022.

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Contemplative Prompts

I invite you to witness all your thoughts without judgment. Could you allow your thoughts, for this journalling session, to arise and be expressed without censure or editing? Could you allow yourself to be as you are at this moment?

Sibling Dex is an ordained monastic, meaning they have taken vows and devoted their life to a communal purpose. It is somewhat similar to a marriage, a business partnership, or any other committed relationship. At its core, a monastic life is one that is focused on something larger than the self.

In the opening chapter of this book, Sibling Dex decides they would like to change their vocation. They still want to be monastic but want a different role within that relationship.

Has there been a time in your life when you desired to shift your role(s) within a relationship? Or alter the expression of that relationship? This could be a relationship with yourself or another person or purpose. 

Could you expand your perspective of ‘relationship’ to include all that you are committed to and all that you set your focus upon? What are some of those things?

Sibling Dex reluctantly attends their going away party and is pleasantly surprised. Can you relate? Imagine your own going away party. Who would be there? Who do you want to be there? Not be there? Where are you going? What new adventures are on the horizon?

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