Palomita Gallery

Art for All

Palomita Gallery is a community art swap modelled after the Free Little Libraries. Maybe you have one in your neighbourhood? Palomita Gallery is just like that but for sharing art instead of books.

Makers and creatives are invited to share their art and you’re welcome to take some art home. Or just visit and enjoy the view. Or all three – share, collect, enjoy. Palomita Gallery is a place to celebrate creativity and community.

Many Hands

Palomita Gallery is a labour of love and your support is most welcome. Contributions will go towards the upkeep of the gallery and art supplies to distribute for communal art projects.

Donations can be sent via e-transfer to <monique at fullywoven dot com> or via Ko-fi for PayPal.

Please be in contact if you would like to sponsor a communal project, send a gift card, or donate art supplies. Thank you.

Follow Along

Follow along here or on our Instagram to see what’s happening in the Palomita Free Little Art Gallery.

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