These occasional emails are my way of staying in touch by sharing inspiration and announcements. There’s no schedule and they’re as much of a surprise to me as they’ll hopefully be to you. It’s kind of like getting a random note from your kooky aunt.

Previous Newsletters

Late Summer 2023

As summer winds down and I’m catching whiffs of autumn on the breeze my mind begins to yearn for all things cosy. Familiar books and snuggly afghans figure prominently in my plans. Read here.

Advent 2022

Let the festivities begin! An invitation to join me in small daily celebrations as we journey towards the returning light. Read here.

Late August 2022

Fully Woven’s autumn studio offerings, Katie Blecker’s virtual yoga studio, Yarrow Magdalena’s livelihood/business dreaming autumn retreat, and Dreena Burton’s zucchini fritter recipe. Read here.

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