Curio Cabinet

Assorted Handicrafts and Whimsies

Having grown up surrounded by home-spun makers and all-round crafty folk it’s no surprise that I am most comfortable within the realm of creativity. I have spent my life exploring my creative whims and in recent years I’ve been reminded of the profoundly healing qualities of spending time crafting something meaningful.

A lot of my creativity is expressed through fibre arts and paper collage. In childhood, my dad taught me how to knit and this is by far my most consistent practice. Knitting was the gateway into the wide woolly world of all things fibre. Paper collage began as a way to keep a diary without using any words and it quickly became my favourite way to keep track of my musings. Collage allows me to be uninhibited with my expressions while keeping my sense of safety intact.

The source of my materials tends to be found, upcycled, and repurposed for a variety of reasons. For one, I’m concerned about the state of our planet and am committed to reducing my consumption of art supplies. Also, I am mostly housebound with disability and thankfully find inspiration with what I have on-hand. Furthermore, I live in poverty and happily make-do with what is gifted to me and/or thoughtfully purchased. I don’t see these things as limitations and even if I did have access to unlimited art supplies I’d still dig around in my recycling bin or unravel an unworn sweater to make something new because that’s where I find the magic of re-creation.

I’m honoured that you are curious about my handicrafts. May they be a source of amusement and contemplation.