Crafted Connections

Quiet Co-Working

A weekly online community practice of creativity.

Sundays 1:30 – 3 PM PST

online at my Whereby room OR in-person, outdoors, in my courtyard
(Commercial Drive neighborhood with address provided after registration)


Session Overview

Crafted Connections is a quiet online space to work on your creative projects while in the company of other makers. We begin and end our sessions with the option for short conversation and sharing your project, and then we mute our audio for the bulk of our time together.

Join us from the comfort of your own creative space.

This is an intentional space to grow your practice. Consistent practice helps you develop your skills and build your confidence. Consistent practice in community offers you the opportunity to be inspired by others and have your artwork seen.

You’re welcome to show up and make what you make.

Drop-in and out of the shared space as fits your schedule and needs. Consider keeping your camera on to contribute to a sense of community but as always, you do what suits your sensibilities best.

A Note about the Whereby Room

Whereby is the online platform I’ve chosen to use because it’s comparable to Zoom at a lower cost and with a higher standard of operation ethics.

You only need to register once and I will send you the evergreen link (it will always be the same link). If you misplace the link you can find the entrance to our Whereby room on the left-sidebar of this website.

When following the link you’ll get a “locked room” message. Please “knock” on the door and I’ll let you in when I see you waiting. Remember to use the same name as you used for registering or else I may not let you into our shared room.


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