Crafted Connections

Quiet Art Hive

**Paused for December**

A weekly online practice
Sundays 1 – 2:30 PM PST

Session Overview

Crafted Connections is a quiet space to work on your creative projects while in the company of other makers. There are many reasons why gathering online is beneficial and at the top of the list is accessibility. This is a safe and low-barrier way for us to spend time together.

Join us from the comfort of your own creative space.

Within neurodivergent communities are the concepts of “body doubling” and “parallel play”, both of which speak to being together without a lot of small talk. It’s a gentle and inclusive way to socialize for those of us who are neurodivergent or for anyone who is introverted, exhausted, stressed, fried, shy, anxious, grief-stricken, ___________ insert your adjective here.

We’re, basically, spending time with each other while doing our own thing. I play over here and you play over there. Sometimes we chat but mostly we’re going about our own projects quietly. It’s a way of spending time together when you don’t want to be alone but aren’t up to full social engagement. 

You’re welcome to show up and make what you make.

Drop in and out of the shared space as fits your schedule and needs. The art hive will start and end at the scheduled times but you’re always welcome to attend at your own pace.

Please consider keeping your camera on to contribute to a sense of connection but as always, do whatever suits your sensibilities because this is collective care in action and your accessibility needs are valid.

General Flow

We open Crafted Connections with greetings and the option of sharing your current project, and then we mute ourselves for the bulk of our time together. For the last few minutes, we unmute to share any final thoughts and send everyone off with a fare thee well until next time.


**Paused for December**

This is a by-donation community event. Your contributions go towards keeping my offerings accessible and sustainable. Thank you.

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