Hello and Welcome

“Fully Woven” is a metaphor for relating with your full being. With your heart and mind. With your actions and intentions. With community and in solitude. With the full range of your emotions and experiences.

It’s my way of saying that none of us are alone and that we’re all part of something more cohesive than we can clearly discern or thoroughly comprehend.

If you’re tired of our fast-paced culture and curious about slowing down then let’s explore ways to ease your weariness and connect to your innate wisdom with embodied contemplation and creative expression.

Current Offerings

The catastrophic pandemic combined with the disabilities I live with have greatly altered how I engage with my vocation. And so, until it is safe to gather in-person and my health rebounds, all my offerings will remain online.

Crafted Connections: Quiet Co-Working

Mondays 1 – 3 PM PST

A video-optional audio-muted space. No intros, no outros, no discussion. Read more…

Woolgathering: Contemplative Rest

Sundays 1 – 2 PM PST

A participant audio-muted and video-optional space. Stories for napping and dreaming. Read more…

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