Hello and Welcome

My name is Monique and I am an autistic and disabled creatrix located in so-called Vancouver (British Columbia). I’m an ardent student of monasticism and a reluctantly retired somatic therapist and grief counsellor.

As someone who’s mostly housebound, I find deep solace at my art table and sharing creative space with you makes me curious about all the ways creativity can connect and console us.

The phrase “Fully Woven” is my way of saying not one of us is alone and that we are all part of something more cohesive than we can clearly discern or thoroughly comprehend. You and I are somehow connected.

Fully Woven has been many things over the years and is now a virtual studio of my creative whims and delights. Want to join me at my art table?

Some Current Threads

Somatic Solace Podcast

Meandering movement and meditation to soothe your weariness. Listen here

Woolgathering Podcast

Stories for daydreaming. A virtual blanket fort of respite from the busy world. Listen here…

Collage Caboodles

An assortment of vintage, upcycled, and handmade papers to inspire your creativity. Get yours here

Over on the Socials



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