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Fully Woven is a collaborative exploration of the gentle ways creativity connects and consoles us.

The phrase “Fully Woven” is a metaphor for relating with your full being. With your heart and mind. With your actions and intentions. In community and in solitude. With the full range of your emotions and experiences.

It’s my way of saying none of us are alone and that we’re all part of something more cohesive than we can clearly discern or thoroughly comprehend.

You can find your way. Slowing down and engaging with contemplative creativity is a reliable path in this too often hectic and discordant world. Take a pause, listen, and trust your innate wisdom.

Fully Woven’s Current Offerings

Advent 2022 Online Calendar

Celebrate the Returning Light

Daily treats of poetry, short stories, recipes, craft ideas, and other sweet surprises. External link..

Woolgathering: Contemplative Rest

Pre-recorded Podcasts

Stories and journal prompts for daydreaming. A virtual blanket fort of respite from the busy world. Read more…

Palomita Free Little Art Gallery

Wee Art | We Art

Palomita is a community art project modeled after free little libraries. It’s a place to see art, leave art, and take art home. Read more…

Fully Woven’s Paused Offerings

As it is when living with disabilities, I have periods of depletion and need to take a break from my vocation. Two of my long-standing offerings are grief circles and community art hives. Without a doubt, they will return when my energy surges again and I look forward to sharing space with you when that happens.

Grief Circle: Share and Witness

Four circles over four weeks

An intentional and contained space for sharing your grief stories and having them silently witnessed.. Read more…

Crafted Connections: Art Hive

Weekly afternoon gatherings

Quiet online sessions to engage with your creativity from the comfort of you own space. Join us weekly for some crafty community care. Read more…

Let’s Stay in Touch

My not-too-frequent newsletters are lovingly filled with creative inspiration, announcements, and random goodness.

I will never sell, trade, or share your personal information.

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